Vessel Traffic Service System

'VTS' is a system of providing any useful traffic information for the vessels through the observation of vessel's movement in the applications area using the equipment such as RADAR, CCTV, VHF/DF etc

Daesan VTS center

Daesan VTS center
Call Sign Control Station VHF Channel
Daesan VTS Daesan VTS Center CH. 12
Boryeong VTS CH. 67

Vessels under the VTS

  • All vessels under foreign flags
  • Following vessels under ownership of the Republic of korea
    • Vessels more than G/t 300
      ??vessel more than 5 tons and less than 300 tons equipped VHF should report only in case of entering/leaving. In case of shifting, vessels must keep listening watch VHF Ch. 12 for safe navigation
    • vessels carrying dangerous cargoes according to the Enforcement Rules of Marine Traffic Safety Act
    • Towing vessels engaged in towing of 200 meters or more in length

Kind of Report(call the related VTS)

All vessels should report to the VTS in case of the following

Estimated-arrival Report(one hour prior to arrival at Daesan port No.1 buoy, Janganseo)

  • Ship's name and call sign
  • Destination, ETA and last port of call
  • Other essential information for the safety of vessel traffic

Passing Report(when passing the No.1 or 9 buoy)

  • Ship's name
  • Other essential information for the safety of vessel traffic

Arrival Report(when berthing or anchoring)

  • Ship's name
  • berth name and arrival time (or anchorage name and anchoring time)

Shifting Report(when shifting within harbor limit)

  • Ship's name
  • shifting place(From where to where)
  • Starting and finishing time of shifting

Departure Report(when departing Daesan port)

  • Ship's name
  • Berth/Anchorage name
  • Departure time
  • Next port of call

Particulars to be observed

Compulsory Obligation to listen to VHF CH12

Daesan VTS center provides navigational warning and information on VHF CH. 12, All vessels in Daesan VTS area must listen to this channel at all times

Restriction of Departure and/or Entry

Daesan VTS center may restrict entering and / or departing of vessels in Daesan VTS area for safety depending on weather or fairway conditions

VTS Regulation

Daesan VTS center provides navigational traffic information (VHF CH 12) in Daesan VTS area. Clearances will be approved or refused according to the information given by vessels. VTS operations, regulation, advices and clearances do not relieve master's responsibility for the safe navigation of own vessel

Inbound or Outbound Vessels should use the Assigned Fairway and Observe the Related Navigational laws Strictly

For the Safety and Protection of Harbor Facilities such as Aids to Navigation and etc, Passages close to them are Strictly Prohibited

All Vessels are Recommended to Report Immediately to Daesan VTS center when the Abnormalities of Aids to Navigation or the Changes of their Position are Found